in 2012 i made a tape collage that got away from me. i had spent too long and had many tapes, maybe over 20, that i felt were failed variations of the same idea. i hoped to have about ten collage tracks on cassette, totalling forty-five minutes to an hour in length. i had all but given up on it by the fall of 2012 so as a last ditch effort to save the project i asked my friend andrew to record something onto the tape's first track, approximately 3 minutes long. on the night of october 27, 2012 i brought one of the tapes to andrew's house and in his basement he recorded a 59 minute improv guitar track over the whole tape without a break. he even went over to the next side. i only sat there and lightly attempted to sabatoge the recording process, pausing the tape and then starting the tape and pausing and starting here and there at random as well as attempt to interfere with the quality by introducing a calculator. andrew played into and through a sleepy, zoned out state. i later collaged a man i saw as andrew bleeding from his wrist with his arm raised (in victory?). the title ORIGIN OF DOLPHINS came to me in my sleep and we officially had one side of a 120 minute tape. 


THE YEAR MY PENIS BROKE came nearly four years later, in august of 2016. again i asked andrew to record roughly a three minute guitar piece for which i'd make a video. he sat down in my kitchen in the late afternoon of the 20th and played uninterrupted for two hours, messed up from taking allergy pills for my cat. i spontaneously contributed in a more substantial way for this recording, opening and closing countless tabs of porn and youtube for a real-time sound collage. i decided on using the second hour of our recording for the other side of the first ESSAY WINNERS tape, unreleased as of today.


besides these two tracks, i add my own work to this website just so i have a place to digitally archive a collection, and because andrew is an art friend i share everything with and anything i make is with him in mind, and, so, i want to share everything with him and make this a shared space. it's indescribable. 

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