you're an acre of disillusion


someone almost stole your bike as you
sat upstairs in your apartment after i
ate you out. i watched from my car

and thought about you without a bike.
the way you’d take the subway to work
and back and bitch and complain

but i thought about you. how vulnerable you
are to everything new and how you cling
to what you can’t lose

so i got out of the car. pretended
to be someone walking up the apartment
steps. he walked away and i called

up to you, telling you all about how
i saved your bike from being stolen
and you told me

i should have let him take it.
that i was probably making it all up
so i could talk to you or see 

you again
you again

thought i was pretending
when the cold started to bleed
from the brown in my eyes

to fall gently like my blue balls 
on the car seat
as i entered my ’87 dodge

and drove


cardboard / his dad


We go to his garage to get high, and everytime he tells me about the value of that baseball card set from the mid-

eightees we talk about Doc Gooden, Roger Clemens, and Darryl Strawberry. We go to his garage and get

low, and everytime he tells me about his faded Bar Mitzvah poster we talk about Dennis Abramson, Will Erat,

and Jason Loy. I think his name was Howard.

missing / mix-up


Dave thinks I took it, and I swear I didn't. I don't know where it could be, and actually

think he still might have it, even though he said he looked everywhere. He even asked his

mom, who said she hadn't seen it, without even asking what it was. 

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