discarded titles / attached and wrong


a diver generously hirsute
in the tumultuous waters of this park
wears only aqua-lung and earrings.
i am a splendid wreck because of you.
a rigid sleeper learning to lay laterally,
legs hiding gilded rabbits from jeannot.
your papa, who collects bric and brac,
anxious that my treasures be discovered,
shouts but barely makes a peep.
remember when we hopped about 
where the asiatic lions roared in echoes?
so grieved, i become stupid 
in front of the girls in tyrian purple.
but i am loving you in this photograph. 
all that you feel in your world
i do not dare now

are we done flying over kansas


monotone day / pool line / property line

my unripened crossdresser 
has no sugary downtime
stores materials at my grave
yeses to affection in department stores
gone are the good coats in her closet
cardigans thrown pell-mell on the floor
kill a day she may desire
and throw glass in all directions
it's an unnecessary love she showcases
bury it all

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