Before audio recording I call and ask friend/brother-in-law Rich if he will not answer his phone when he sees my number "anytime in the next hour." After a number of recorded, bumbling returns to a humiliating, taboo sexual situation, I successfully deliver the internet-porn-vid description in its entirety, beating "the beep" on Rich's voice mail.


Cuckold Frankie Back For More 

Jan invites her black lover over for some fuck-fun while her hubby, Frankie is out of town. They just get started when Frankie interrupts them, bitching about Jan and what she's doing! He can't believe she would cheat on him like this after all these years and all he provides for her! Jan tells him she needs more than he can offer in the way of sex, his tiny dick just isn't doing the trick and besides she's been doing this for years! She just got caught this time! Frankie's bitching is more than Jan can tolerate and she tells her lover they'll go somewhere more private. Frankie begs her not to leave; he'll do anything to if she'll stay. She explains that she is not willing to give up her sexual exploits and if she stays he'll have to deal with it! Again, Frankie says he'll do anything to keep her. Jan makes him watch her and her lover enjoy each other. She decides that if Frankie will do anything, he'll have to prove it. She makes him hold that black cock and guide it into her pussy! Then her lover tells him to lick her ass! When Jan orders him to lick her pussy while that cock is in it, she realizes he can't help but lick cock too! So, as another test of his love, Jan orders him to suck the cock! HE DOES! Jan has a real cuckold on her hands and she is really excited about it. Jan wants to taste that cum load but she wants Frankie to taste it too. She wants to humiliate him and love him at the same time! Frankie is excited too, as he suggests she wouldn't want to waste that load in her mouth, she should enjoy a good fuck. She decides she wants to have her pussy filled with cum, but she tells Frankie he will have to clean it all up and give her a taste too! He does as he is told. After that stud fills her pussy to overflowing, Frankie eagerly licks her clean and gives Jan a cum dripping sloppy kiss! Jan makes him lick the cock clean and then they play in her sloppy wet pussy with their fingers and his tongue as they share what's left of the load.


note: as i started reading to rich's answering machine i felt nervous and unsure (about the piece and my readiness to read), and a bit self-conscious. the second attempt felt more uncomfortable; my leg started shaking uncontrollably and wouldn't stop until i'd take notice, only to pick back up. i became aware that rich was possibly listening to the first message as i left the second, and i even began wondering if someone was listening to me here - either outside (because the windows were open), or in the house. a distaste for the piece grew in the third message (took notice of my jumpy breathing), and i wondered what i had gotten myself into, losing self-worth. i was gaining new insight into the piece and during the fourth attempt stopped twice to jot down notes, causing his machine to quit. i was determined to make the fifth recording the last. felt and still feel humiliation from the possibility/reality of others listening to me, hence hardcore voice manipulation. 


i first heard my voice some twenty years ago when a neighbor played back a recording of me on his fisher price recorder. it was awful to listen to, and nothing had ever disturbed me so. one day i cursed into the machine and the neighbor shamed me. maybe this is me fighting, this many yrs later, the recorded voice with curse words, while dealing with levels of humiliation.

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